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Leading Edge Trading is Dedicated to Helping Traders Learn to Make Accurate and Profitable Trades with Low Risk

Leading Edge TradingLeading Edge Trading is a professional trading environment, trading multiple markets throughout the day with in-house traders in our own offices. Due to our expertise, countless traders and firms all over the world rely on the direction and trading guidance and education we provide.

Unlike the countless chat rooms and market-related information sources out there that rely upon software, indicators or even hunches to make their trading decisions, we do not use any of the foregoing. Our expert in-house traders are among the elite few who truly understand the market and how to read it correctly.

We focus primarily on the E-mini S&P Market. It has been our experience that this market is not only the most logical, but is also the market that tends to “run the show” as to being a fair barometer for other world markets.

Trading the ES is economically advantageous due to the small margin requirements and low commission costs as well as the tax benefits available, versus exclusively trading equities. The logic which is nearly always present in this market allows for low risk through specific entry and exit price points posted in our membership rooms.

We also trade other commodity markets and certain other indices, as well as equity trades as they may reveal themselves to our Head Trader and may be posted in the Silver Room from time to time but are more frequently traded in the Gold and Platinum Rooms.

It is our philosophy that it is more important to be accurate than “right” in order to better limit risk and we never guess nor do we panic, in or out of any trade.

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