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Technical Indicators Explained

Technical Indicators ExplainedHello again, traders. Today’s topic is indicators.

The vast majority of traders – 90 percent or more, possibly 99 percent of all traders – rely on indicators of some sort.  This is understandable in the beginning, especially unless and until a trader understands how the market works for real and how it generates the information that it does.

Indicators, sadly, do not indicate anything of a specifically useful nature.

They are merely a visual display of a compilation of data points or parameters that a given indicator measures from historical market activity.  Some measure a series of closing prices, some measure the magnitude of certain moves over a series of bars or candles while others assess volume or price disparities, etc.  However, no matter how much data any indicator (or compilation of indicators) can measure or how recent the data or how “fast” the indicator is set to, it is still all just a representation past tense behavior.  They do not “forecast” a thing. 

Posted in Trading Basics by Ford Saeks on December 15, 2014.

The Best Trading Guidance Chat Room Gets a New Look and User Experience!

Leading Edge Trading: Expert Trading GuidanceLeading Edge Trading couldn’t be more excited to announce the launch of our new website, LeadingEdgeTrading.com!  Offering the best live trading guidance online, we’re looking forward to earning the trust of even more traders who want to make accurate and profitable trading decisions with low risk.

The process of launching a new website began with the selection of Prime Concepts Group, an integrated marketing firm specializing in Internet marketing, website design and website development.

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